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Rebecca Schiffman, musiker med sin bas i New York, har släppt videon till låten ”Laura” som är inspirerad av tv-serien Seinfeldt.

Videon är regisseras av Alec Coiro och i rollen som Laura ser vi Rebeccas vän Raina Hamner.

Vill du veta mer om Rececca Schiffman: http://www.rebeccaschiffman.com/

Rebecca berättar om låten Laura:
“Laura” is track 4 on my third album which is self-titled. I moved to LA in 2012 and didn’t know a lot of people in music here at the time. I hadn’t put out an album since 2009 and was looking for a place to record. I asked Reuben Cox, who owns Old Style Guitars and makes custom guitars, for leads. I knew him because we both went to Cooper Union School of Art in NYC. He put me in touch with Money Mark, who ended up producing my third album at his own studio in Frogtown. Money Mark plays keyboard and guitar including the riff at the beginning. I play guitar and sing. Jay Israelson (recently touring with Chris Cohen) plays piano. Ethan Glazer (song preservation society) plays bass. Angelo Hatgistavrou plays drums.

I have written a few songs based on Seinfeld episodes. It’s a fun exercise I sometimes turn to when my own life feels stable and happy and there’s nothing I desperately need to write about. This particular Seinfeld-based song fit well on the album when we needed one more track. “Laura” is based on the Seinfeld pilot episode which is known as “The Seinfeld Chronicles.” The plot is that a woman named Laura whom Jerry met and was smitten with when performing in Michigan calls and says she’s visiting New York and asks if she can stay with him because she can’t find a decent hotel room. Jerry’s not sure if she’s interested in him or just needs a place to crash – it turns out she just wanted a place to crash. On Seinfeld, the characters hide most of their vulnerability and deep emotions. In the song “Laura,” I’m portraying a more earnest and vulnerable Jerry, imagining what he’s thinking or maybe what I would be feeling in the same situation.

Bakgrundsfakta om Rebecca Schiffman:
Rebecca Schiffman is a singer-songwriter and artist based in Highland Park, Los Angeles. Her eponymous third LP, produced by Money Mark and featuring Nels Cline, came out this year on Fayettenam Records (2016 digital, 2017 vinyl). A born-and-bred New Yorker, Schiffman has been described as a “long-lost Royal Tenenbaums character” (Vice Magazine) and has been profiled for her music, art, jewelry, and writing by The New York Times, New York Magazine, and Nylon, among other publications. Schiffman studied cello and piano from a young age, eventually picking up guitar and playing guitar and cello in an indie pop band in high school called The Meaningful and Wise.

While attending college at the Cooper Union School of Art, Schiffman played bass in the pop-punk band Pearl Harbor. Her bandmate Walter Schreifels (Quicksand, Gorilla Biscuits) produced songs from Schiffman’s 4-track bedroom recordings, resulting in her first album Upside Down Lacrimosa. In 2009, Schiffman self-released her follow-up album, To Be Good for a Day. It was named “Best Album of the Month” by Vice Magazine and the song “Aaron” was featured in Lena Dunham’s breakout film, Tiny Furniture. Schiffman eventually moved to Los Angeles where she met collaborator Money Mark. In August 2016, the Adult Swim TV show, Squidbillies, aired with Schiffman’s version of the show’s theme song.

Although Schiffman’s primary focus is music, she has worked in other mediums. Her paintings have been shown at galleries around the United States including Ratio3 (San Francisco) and Bas Fisher Invitational (Miami), and the musician Grimes has frequently performed in Schiffman’s jewelry designs. Schiffman has also acted as muse for renowned artist-photographers Ryan McGinley, Justine Kurland, and Sara Vanderbeek. She currently serves as vice president of the Highland Park Heritage Trust, a non-profit dedicated to preserving the culture of LA’s Arroyo communities.

6 augusti, 2017

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