Lyssna: Ziggy Marley – Weekend’s Long (Scaramouche remix)


Ziggy Marley (feat. Scaramouche) hr släppt en ny singel, fredag 4 augusti 2017.

Ett pressmail berättar om låten:
Ziggy Marley – Weekend’s Long (Scaramouche remix)
He’s a five-time Grammy winner, activist, humanitarian, singer, songwriter, producer, and Emmy winner, but most important is that he’s Ziggy Marley: the son of the godfather of Reggae music, Bob Marley. His new single Weekend’s Long (a remix by Scaramouche) is the real anthem to your – late – summer and has that tropical house / EDM flavour you’d like to hear when you’re sipping your cocktail on the beach! The world wide release is a collaboration between Tuff Gong, Cloud 9, and V2 Records.

4 augusti, 2017

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